The Ball: A Little Story with a Huge Message

One of my favorite quotes from The Office was said by Pam in the finale. When reflecting on her years working at the paper company, she sums it up by saying “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that the point?”. I think about this quote a lot in my daily life. I’ve learned that when you take a moment out of your day to just find something good, and hold onto it, then you can never truly have a bad day.

This week has been a heat wave and my family has been at camp all week. We’ve been spending the days at the lake, exhausted by the sun, but soaking up the most of our vacation. Fourth of July has always been a very special day in my family. We traditionally spent the day at our camp, and have been doing so since my mom was growing up and camping with my grandparents. So it’s no surprise that we tried our best to ignore the excruciating heat and just focused on spending the holiday surrounded by the people we love.

Sunset at Winnisquam Lake

And then the day after the Fourth happens and everyone is tired from the heat and the late nights. The excitement of the previous day has died down and the lake day seems quiet. I look out into the water and see an autistic boy, who was playing ball with his sister, has thrown the ball over the line separating the swimming area from the boating area. I see his sister try to swim over to it, but the wind keeps carrying the ball further and further away. Two other members of his party dive in and start to swim out towards the ball- a very dangerous mission since many boats were out. I look around, the entire beach is watching. They need to swim back in. They’re going to get hurt. Just let the ball go and get him a new one.

My heart warmed as I saw an older gentleman grab one of his own beach balls and bring it over to the boy. As we watched the scene unfold, my aunt and I somehow knew that, as kind as that offer was, the boy wanted his ball back. At this time, the two members of his family started to swim back in. The ball was too far out for them to retrieve it. They all sat on the dock disappointed.

Time passed when a couple on a jet ski drove by our camp, carrying a large beach ball in their arms. They threw it out to the dock. Is this anyone’s? We found it out there. The entire camp beach cheered as we watched the boy tread through the water towards the ball, smile illuminating his face. “My BALL! Did you see??? They found my BALL!!”

Maybe it was the exhaustion of the day, but my eyes began to tear up. But I don’t think it was exhaustion. There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that the point?


My Favorite Five

One of my favorite video series to watch on YouTube is people’s monthly favorites. It’s always so interesting to see what products people recommend, what shows people are watching, or what music people are listening to. I decided to do the same series and, maybe not every month but every few months or so, post five of my favorite products or trends or shows or apps or music I am listening to. Leave a comment below if you want to see more of these posts!

(Cue Julie Andrews) These are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Favorite Makeup Palette: California Dreaming Palette by Lorac. I first saw this eye shadow palette at Kohl’s and thought it was so aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t pass it up the next time I saw it. At $30 it is a bit of a splurge, but the quality is so worth it. The palette is inspired by California in the late winter/early spring and features soft neutrals and sandy tones, as well as pastels and beachy colors, both in shimmery shades and matte. Lorac’s eye shadows are so pigmented and last the entire day without budging; it’s been my go-to since I purchased it.img_4479
  2. Favorite Nail Color: OPI’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection in “Apartment for Two.” My favorite color from a collection inspired by one of my favorite movies? It was a no brainer that this ended up on my Christmas list. This hot pink was perfect for Valentine’s Day and coincidentally matches one of my favorite lip colors, Covergirl’s Watermelon Twist lip crayon. 57e4fd2b-05d2-4b2a-a5dc-fea861794531
  3. Favorite Trend: Monochromatic Makeup. I am a lazy college student with barely any time to do her makeup in the morning. I would always rush around trying to blend multiple eye shadows and do a full face look, until I found the solution (thanks Pinterest). An easy way to save time and look like you put forth your best effort is by applying one color to your eyes, lips, and cheeks. My current favorite is an all-over peach look created by applying Benefit’s “Coralista” blush to my cheeks, Lorac’s eye shadow in “Starfish” to my lids, and matching it with Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Chocolate Honey”. It takes little time and looks effortlessly chic. img_4463
  4. Favorite Snack: Smoothie. I always go for chocolate, and starting today, I have given it up for Lent. But recently, I’ve learned how to use a blender and have been making better-for-you smoothies, like this strawberry one. This one is a blend of Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 4 fresh strawberries, some low-fat milk, and a quarter of a spoon of Stawberry  Whey Protein Powder. This smoothie is packed with protein, under 200 calories, and tastes like a dessert. Yum.4ac5bf74-7238-409d-a439-b92469591652
  5. Favorite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries. For those of you that know me, I have been a die hard Vampire Diaries fan since it began its first season when I was in middle school. Well, I have followed the series all the way through to its current eighth season, and am sad to know the show is ending in a mere two weeks (Prepare for a goodbye post for this show in the near future). As sad as I am to say goodbye, the farewell is bittersweet- bitter because it’s the end, but sweet because the show has really upped its game connecting the last season to the first with several parallels and bringing back older characters from the previous seasons. The story line has always been good but I’m happy to see the creators and writers put the effort in to ensure the show ends with a mic drop. I definitely recommend this for a good binge-watch.img_4445

That’s all of my favorites for the past couple months. I would love to know yours. Leave a comment below of some of your favorite things and let me know if you’d like to see more of these posts!

Have a lovely night,