Reflecting on 2019 and New 2020 Resolutions

2019 was a year of growth for me. It had as many hardships as it had highlights. My final year of college was one rush to the finish line, with many obstacles popping up. However, I am going into 2020 as a college graduate. 2019 had losses, but also gains: new friends, my first professional internship, new video productions, a new job as a church singer, many successful fundraising efforts, trips, and memories.

At the end of every year, I like to revisit the goals I set in the beginning of the year. I often reflect and ask myself: did I fulfill these goals? Did I make steps towards their accomplishment? Or, did I put them off all together or forget? Then I make a new list of resolutions for the New Year.

2019 Instagram Top Nine: @hayley_jasmin

Here’s where I typically list out all of my resolutions and goals for 2020…

HOWEVER, although I do have many short term and long term goals for the year, I have one main resolution for this year.

Here is my 2020 New Year’s Resolution:

  • Rather than focusing on how things “should be”, realize and appreciate what they actually are. A very wise man I know said this during his sermon before Christmas and it really struck me. I struggle with perfectionism and, when things don’t go the way I envision, I often let stress and anxiety get in the way. Agitation replaces appreciation. But truthfully, what is “supposed to happen” doesn’t exist. The imperfections in life are what makes life so perfect and real. If I go into the New Year with this acceptance, 2020 and the years following will bring me joy.

When I do this, I try not to be harsh on myself. Often times, life gets busy or things happen that may cause you to forget or get off track. Always remember you can start fresh in your goals at ANY time in the year, not just the new year.

Wishing you all the best of luck in 2020!

Choose joy.


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