I Got Lost

Last night I got lost. It’s nothing new for me, I tend to get lost often. GPS’s are not my friend, yet I rely so heavily on them. But, anyway, my friend and I left a studio in an unfamiliar part of the state and were on our way to pick up pizza at a place ten minutes away. Her eyes were on the road and mine on the maps app until we reached a familiar part of town. From there, my friend found her way to the pizza place, but the GPS kept insisting for us to go another way. It took us past the place and stopped at a random address. Frustrated, we went back to the pizza place and got our order, ready to bring pizza back to our friends at the studio. The GPS took us in several weird direction, south when we should be going north, north when we should be heading south, onto a highway, off the highway. Finally, when we thought we’d reached our breaking point, we were on a slow, but correct path to our destination. Because of how much time we had before we got back, we took a slice of pizza each, folded it, and ate and talked and laughed our friend called asking if we were alright. We had left an hour earlier.

You’d think from the times I have been lost, I’d have grown accustomed to it, but I can’t say I have. Before getting lost, we were discussing the just okay, average day we had. Then, in the moment, we were both stressed, a little scared, and very frustrated with the piece of technology we rely on so much to find our way. After the moment, we laughed. We laughed for many reasons: we turned ten minutes into an hour, we were going to have to explain the missing slices of pizza, and we decided to answer our friend’s worried phone call calmly, as if nothing had even happened. We laughed out of relief. But it was also the sort of laughter you have that is half relief and half release. Because the day was just meh and not very eventful, just a little stressful, but then we got lost.

I think there are moments when we need to get lost. Sometimes the days become so predictable: same order, same routine. It can make you exhausted. It can make you forget what it’s like to have disorder. Then you get lost and once your way back, you remember why you were even there to begin with. There’s this quote from one of my favorite movies that says “sometimes you have to be lost to find the places that can’t be found”. And I believe it.

Do you?