Handling a Rough Start

In preparation for the new year, I read through old blog posts and found that I missed the motivation I had at the very beginning of it all. Everything was fresh and new: this page was a clean slate ready to be carved into. I guess, as time passed, I found myself getting lazy and lacking new material to give my readers. But I felt January 1st, 2018 would be the perfect day to start a new beginning for this blog.

However, January 1st marked the beginning of a troubling time for my family and I. On the first morning of 2018, my grandmother was brought to the hospital, unable to move and in a state of confusion. This brought a week of hospital visits, which led to a week of rehab visits. In between visits to the rehab, came visits to new assisted livings and then a rushed move from an independent living apartment to an assisted living apartment. Then, thank Heavens, came my grandmother’s release from rehab and her settling into a safe, new home. All the while, obstacles seemed to be placed in our path. My father had a close call after a doctor’s appointment revealed the pain he was feeling in his calf was caused by blood clots. Thankfully, antibiotics and rest has him on the path to recovery. My mother also had an injury affecting her movement. So, in short, despite my New Year’s Eve expectations, 2018 didn’t really begin on the right foot…

I think life has its standstills and a little push or pull is all that’s needed to put you in gear. Sometimes this push or pull is caused by tragedy. It’s a little scare that makes you reflect on life, realize it’s too short, and push yourself to stop dreaming and just do. This week, I discovered my grandmother had this moment happen to her. Going through her things, I came across a book called “Questions for Your Grandchildren.” Inside were answers about my family, my grandmother’s life, how she met my grandfather, everything. But what hit me the most was that she started filling out this book the day after my great-great aunt had been buried. A tragedy is what motivated her to keep going. She realized That life was too short and she wanted her grandkids to know her story. So she picked up the pen.

My grandmother didn’t start filling in this book the day she got it. It took time for her to find the motivation. Then she began. The New Year is all about starting over the first day of the year and trying to stick through it for 365 days. I think that’s a great time to start- right from the beginning. But the funny thing about beginnings, is they can start at anytime.

18 days later, and I’m making my start. It may have been a rocky beginning, but once you get past the rocks, you find smooth ground.Hat: Forever 21; Sweater: The Loft;

You don’t have to wait for a new year to make change, you can start at anytime.

Let’s start today,