It was Epic: Farewell to The Vampire Diaries

Parting with the CW’s The Vampire Diaries was like parting with a friend. I mean, this is a slight exaggeration, but I owe a lot to the show. It was one of my first fandoms. The show also got me interested in the book series that the show was based off and by sixth grade, I was fully engaged in reading young adult novels. The Vampire Diaries was a part of me from middle school to college, it inspired my fashion choices, inspired my writing, and was always the fantasy world I escaped to to de-stress from reality.

Although I am sad to see the show end, I am grateful and proud for how the series resolved. Julia Plec, one of the show’s writers, said during an interview that when she created the show, she wanted to talk about grief and moving on from a hard place in your life. Elena’s character had lost her parents and is grieving. At this point in her life she meets Stefan, a vampire trying to hold strong to his humanity despite his curse and his past, and she meets Damon, his brother who seems to be beyond saving. Of course, this theme of loss and moving is always present throughout the series, but it truly was resolved this final season, which included several parallels to the first, one of them being the return of old characters, which pleased many fans. The season is themed around Damnation verses Redemption- as Stefan and Damon question on whether or not they can be saved from their curse. But, spoiler alert, everyone finds peace in the end, showing that everyone can be saved. A show with a not-so-happy beginning reached a happy ending.

So in honor of this happy ending, I thoroughly searched social media for any evidence of my fandom and have found several examples of my fandom that I feel other fans can relate to. Enjoy the laughs.


  1. You owned some sort of TVD merchandise and presented it proudly.


    Yup here’s sophomore Hayley wearing her TVD shirt. Photo caption “#faveshow #TheVampireDiaries #Damon.

  2.  As much as you wanted to hate Katherine Pierce, you wanted to have her style.

    Yet another embarrassing photo of me “recreating” Katherine’s hairstyle for my friend’s sweet 16.

    Image result for katherine pierce










3. You felt the need to tell Twitter whenever you cried during an episode.


How could I not? Damon died!! (and came back to life, but that’s besides the point.)

4. You felt strong emotion for either Klaus, Kai, or both.


This was the second time Ashley heard me scream from the other room. The first was when Klaus and Caroline finally got together.

5. Faux Leather jackets are a staple in your closet.


Sophomore Hayley, why the face? Image result for katherine pierce

6. The music on the show gave you the feels and if your favorite artist was featured, the excitement was too much to handle.


This is me not wanting to swear, but wanting to express my excitement at the same time via Twitter.

7. The Salvatore brothers brought your standards in men to a whole new level.


I might’ve named my car Stefan…

Image result for damon salvatore you want a love that consumes you

*cries for an eternity*

Thanks for reading my little trip down TVD memory lane. If you enjoyed this post, comment below if you’d like one for the Pretty Little Liars series finale.

Never Shy from a  Fandom,



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