365 New Days, 365 New Chances

Today, I gave the fifth grader I tutor an assignment: to write down three things he wanted to happen in the new year. His answers were “to start a new YouTube account because the other one was hacked, make my fort better, and make my Pokemon collection bigger”- all very important goals for a fifth grader. This made me think, everyone, young and old, wishes for some sort of change in the New Year.

This also made me reflect on 2016 itself and think about how many people I have seen on Twitter saying “good riddens 2016”, “2016 was a nightmare “, etc. I can relate; some years are better than others, but this is the wonder of having a New Year. On the 365th day of the year, you can reflect on what goals you accomplished and the memories you experienced, both good and bad, and then you can come up with new goals to work toward and new memories to create. Even if the year wasn’t your best, you made it through to the end, and on midnight itlifestyleis a fresh slate. Tomorrow marks 365 new days, 365 new chances.

Tonight I reflect on what I accomplished this past year and the memories I’ve made, and I invite you to do the same for yourself. Celebrate the impact you’ve made on this world this year just by being here. 2016 was a year of milestones for me. I got my first lead role in a musical, I graduated high school among an amazing group of friends, I had the second annual race in memory of my grandfather, I got into college, began vocal lessons, was part of my first musical production outside of school, began this blog, started and completed my first semester of college, and got into an a capella group at school. Of course there were many downs to this year, every year comes with failed auditions, heartbreak, losses, and struggles, but I made it. If you’re reading this, you made it. And just making it through a year is a blessing alone.

Tomorrow I will start towards new goals.

  • Tomorrow my family together is starting to eat healthier. We will support each other in trying to not eat out as much and eat more fruit and vegetables and less junk food. We will be referring to this healthy eating grocery list for our trips to the supermarket. http://collegelifestyles.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/grocery.jpg .
  • I will continue to do yoga as I mentioned in my post Breathing&Believing ; I feel yoga has definitely helped me cope with my anxiety as well as feel more confident and at ease.
  • However, I want to take part in more physical activity to build muscle and tone up. I have found a slow and steady fitness plan to train to run a 5K race that I am striving to follow through with this year. This fitness plan is good for beginning runners and includes days for cross training and yoga  http://pin.it/UeZD96c.
  • I will continue this blog and add more posts AND pictures thanks to my new lovely photographer: Janjira Sun.
  • I will take part in new productions and audition, audition, audition!
  • I will organize and plan the 3rd annual race for my grandfather and put in the effort and hard work it deserves.
  • I will balance work with school and make sure to study extra hard for my courses.
  • I will continue to write and complete the projects I have been planning and working on this past year.
  • I will save money and work to be more frugal.

Goals I recommend all of us have:

  • Strive for happiness, not perfection.
  • Leave the past behind. (Be like Elsa, just let it go.)
  • Focus on the future, but live in the now.
  • Don’t take anything personally. There’s almost always an underlying reason why someone behaves the way they do. It’s almost never because of you.
  • Take chances that you know you’ll regret if you don’t.
  • In your decisions and with how you treat others and yourself, be the person you needed when you were younger.

And remember, at the end of the year you may not have achieved all of these things. In your day-by-day journey, you could have gotten off track, and that’s okay. This is the beauty of a year: there’s always a new one. So pop the champagne (or sparkling cider) , say goodbye to 2016. Say cheers and, with a click of a glass, welcome 2017.

Have a wonderful new year,



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