Lobs of Fun: How My Long Bob Made Me More Confident

Hit the wind machine. Allow me to stroll along the hot sands, long hair cascading behind me in luscious ripples. Beautiful.

That’s what I thought was beautiful, and I still think it is, but it does not define beauty.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.” *No hair falls.*

That’s me and I’m proud of it. I used to think I needed long hair so I grew my hair out for a while and wore it long up until sophomore year. I knew someone who told me he liked my hair long so I kept it long. Yet, time went by and feelings changed to a point I didn’t feel attachment to my long hair anymore. I just wanted change. So I took the scissors and snip!

I actually didn’t take the scissors, my hair stylist did, and I am so glad. I felt so free with my hair short. I felt like a risk-taker. For once, I did something completely for myself. This began a future habit, making decisions for myself. My long bob, or “lob”, made me feel powerful. I didn’t feel like a whole new person, I felt like me.

Some people say finding yourself is becoming someone you never were. For me, I feel it is the complete opposite. Months after my first chop, I added lighter blonde highlights, returning my brown hair to the former dirty blonde it was when I was younger. Since I was a toddler, my hair had above my shoulder and light, I was only returning to the Hayley I once was. I found myself again.


When I made the decision to cut my hair, I thought of the many short hair stereotypes. I won’t be able to wear it up. Goodbye ponytail! I won’t be able to rock the Ariana Grande half-up, half-down. My natural curls will be way to0 puffy in a shorter ‘do. Bye beautiful braids!

When I cut it, I thought all of this was true, but boy was I wrong. Thanks to Pinterest, I found that anyone with short hair can pull off several hairstyles.

Short Hair Myths Proven Wrong

  1. I won’t be able to wear it up. 

    Inspired by Lucy Hale, create a deep side part and french braid until you reach the back of your hair. Gather hair into a twist, secure with an elastic and pin with bobby pins.

    2. I won’t be able to rock the half up, half down.


    Gather hair at the crown of your head and tease with a teasing brush. Then secure the gathered hair into a half pony or half bun. 

    3. My natural hair will be way too puffy when short.


Add volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser. Spritz a sea salt spray and scrunch hair under diffuser until waves dry.

4. Bye bye braids!

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Create a side part and dutch braid your hair and secure small braid with bobby pins.

See? With the short hair, you can have lobs of fun. See what I did there? I’m an embarrassment :).

-Best of Luck,