Establishing Your Mantra

Right now as I sit in my desk chair dreaming of ice cream and feeling self-defeated, I am realizing that I have two options. I can drown my sorrows in ice cream or I can motivate myself to keep going. I can do this! I’m Hayley Jasmin and I am fabulous.

My sister and I just took a trial tap dancing class. We were very excited to put our dancing shoes back on after nearly ten years has passed since we last took lessons. However, the class we are taking is at an advanced level and, having only taken a little bit of tap, we found ourselves very behind. In fact, we walked out of the studio after the class was over with tear filled eyes.

There are many times like this. Times where it seems like the better option is to just give up. The better option seems to tear yourself down rather than boost yourself back up. But this is not the way to go. Because when I saw myself telling myself that I could never catch up on tap dancing, I thought about the time I told myself I would never be able to handle my anxiety. Or that I would never be able to perform on stage. Or that I would never be able to find myself. To become the it girl.

Rather than destroying yourself over defeat. Let it encourage you. And build yourself back up. It can be as simple as establishing a mantra. When you are down, pick yourself back up by saying “I can do this.” Or “I am beautiful”. “I am strong.” “I can do anything I dream of.” “I am fabulous.”

One of my best friends uses a mantra, a quote from her inspiration, Sierra Boggess, before each and every one of her performances. Sierra says “You are enough. Your are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are.” So before you let defeat or failure destroy you, remind yourself about how great you are just being you. No one is more you than you are. And that’s perfect. That is enough.

I don’t need to be the best tap dancer right away; I can get there at my own pace and with my own perseverance. All I need is to encourage myself, trust myself, love myself. Be proud of myself. No one is more me than me.

Don’t drown in your sorrows, float above them.

Be you.



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