Beauty Products I’m “Falling” For

It’s still been a bit on the warm side, but I can just taste the warm apple cider doughnuts around the corner. No, I literally can taste them, I caved and bought a bag as soon as I saw them at a local farm stand. But the nights have been cooler, the days slowly shorter, and I am cautiously beginning to pull out my sweaters. The summer’s been fun but I’m ready for a change.

But with the temperature stubbornly staying on the high side, I decided my transition from summer to fall will have to begin with the beauty products I am using. My routine consists of warming up the face to keep the “summer glow” alive during the cooler months.

Here are some of the products I am totally “falling” for this season:

Eyes: For my eye shadow, I use my go-to base, Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Barely Branded, and apply it all over my lid. Then I dip a crease brush into MAC’s Mythology and work that into my crease and smudge some below my lower lash line. Then I finish with mascara. Mythology’s shimmery copper shade matches fall’s trendy neutrals while also warming up an eye look.


MAC “Mythology”

Face: I can’t seem to steer away from the summer’s highlighting trend. I take highlighting into the fall by using my favorite bronzer and blush duo. I apply Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and contour, brushing upwards towards my temple, and warm up the rest of my face by applying some to my nose, my forehead, and my jaw line. I then use Benefit’s Coralista blush and apply that to my cheekbones brushing upwards to meet the bronzer. Hoola does the job of warming my face up, while Coralista applies a natural flush with a shimmery highlight. No additional highlight needed!


Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and Coralista Blush

Lips: Once upon a time a girl named Hayley was scrolling through Pinterest and came across the most gorgeous neutral lip color by NYX and dreamed of buying it but couldn’t find it in store. Then one day she walked into CVS and bam! She bought it and they lived happily ever after. Okay, that was dramatic, but I’ve been dying to buy NYX’s Liquid Suede Lipstick in Sandstorm and I finally did. The color seems to match any skin tone. It’s a very dark, warm-toned nude with a matte finish, perfect for fall and everyday use.


In shade “Sandstorm”

Nails: My go-to fall and winter nail color is always darker shades, especially deep plums and purples like I am wearing now. My apologies for my chipped mani. My hands got dirty tearing apart my old bed and replacing it with a newer one.


Revlon Colorstay Gel-like Polish in “Bold Sangria”

Body: When it comes to the fall, I am a Bath and Body Works hoarder. I cannot get enough of the smell of baking cookies, spiced apple cider, leaves, and pumpkin. My wallet just cannot keep up with the amount of candles and body sprays I want. Out of luck, I came across one of the scents I purchased last year and have received many compliments. Bath and Body Work’s Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte smells sweet, sugary, and has the perfect balance of pumpkin and the vanilla-y scent of marshmallows. Perfect fall fragrance.


I hope all of you enjoy my first beauty-related post on this blog and start “falling” for these products, too. For my regular and newer readers, stay tuned for a new post every Wednesday, from Beauty to Fashion to Lifestyle to Anxiety Coaching, each post will bring something new to the table.

Don’t forget to “Fall” in love with yourself,




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